We interrupt our broadcast for this TBDOA-Like Phenomena sighting!

Dolls with vegetable bodies.
(my friend's daughter received this as a gift. A gift!!!)
Dinosaur Extinction Theories

overrun by small emerging mammals who ate their eggs
killed by volcanic ash
hit by comet

Body-Snatched by TBDOA

Bees and Bears: An Evil Coalition

Bees seem to be a recurring theme in TBDOA. Why is that?

Teddy Bears have Viscera!!!!

I thought they were just hollow, soulless beings.
My bad.
Even Amputees Can Do the Work of TBDOA

It's just so wrong!

Not a Teddy Bear ...

... but nevertheless conceived in the kilns of hell.

The Dignity of the Animal Kingdom is no priority for the minions of TBDOA.

Bunny Freak Show

DaMasta sent me this horror by cell phone:

A bunny with a gumball head. Or a gumball machine with a bunny head. Either way, I will never sleep again. So chew on that!
Nope. Wait, let me check .... ummm, no.

Are you retarded (sorry, Iowa) enough to want this?
If so, click away:

Pets in Uniform

Big ups to mantidboy for alerting us to this perversion.