So Sick, So Wrong, it could only be described as Brilliant

Brace yourself for a TBDOA-like-phenomena extravaganza:
Oh. My.
Cap'n Marrrk sent me this link. Somehow, it reminded him of me.

(Click picture to follow link)

He knows me so well.

Teddy Bears Dressed as Bears ... they taunt us! They mock our pain, and that is not to be tolerated.

"ha ha! look at me! I flail at you and laugh!"

Not the first time a white bear wanted to be brown.

A Short Quiz

There are at least 3 things that are wrong with this photo. Can you find them all? And no, there's no toaster in the tree.

Not even the fashion-conscious may escape the wrath of TBDOA.

And, it encompasses all colors: