Horror lurks in the window.

My accomplice and I spotted this while driving in St. Paul.
It's not pretty, but you need to see.

Again with the frogs. WTF is up with all the frogs?!?!?!

I'm going to start a separarte blog just for babies and animals dressed as frogs. It is OUT OF CONTROL!!!



Word needs to get out to the people, today. Yes, people. Gather near ... for I have discovered THE DOOR TO HELL. This is the source of all bears dressed as bees, which as you may know is one of the Four Original TBDOA Hellions (along with ladybugs, frogs [oh wait, that's a frog derssed as a bear --- my bad], and candy corn).

Here is the doorway:

Beehive Stuff

Open carefully, for ye may never return.

Rockin' out to TBDOA

This is an mp3 player with speakers coming out of its brain, disguised as a bear/pig/giraffe. It is yucky. Guess where we found it? You got it. Our favorite TBDOA portal to Hell.

Happy birthday, enabler.

My friend K, whose birthday is today, has this TBDOA-like freak-toy on her teacher cart. It's a bear-slash-possibly-a-monkey, dressed in Red Sox gear. Oh my darling K, this is so not right. Why must you succumb to TBDOA? Et tu, K? Et tu?!?!?!?!

How lovely are thy branches

Still on the Christmas theme, here is a tree from Jamwall's aunt's house:

Lordy, lordy.

Back to basics

I've been showing lots of TBDOA-related depravity, so I figured it's time to remind you all what this blog is really about:





Need I say more? Freaky, huh.

The Tumbling Urn of Innards

At Build-a-Freak, they have this giant urn of bear innards that just tumbles around and around, waiting to get stuffed into the next unsuspecting carcass. It's sick!!!