Parade of Horrors

The Build-a-Freak float in the Macy's parade. Thanks, Jame. You delve into the drainage deep of my deepest horror, find mud, and dig even deeper.

Electrical Appendages

Alert reader Madge sent me this abomination long ago. What, a bear with a lamp for a spine? What's next? A vacuum cleaner intestine? A toaster penis?

Alert reader and roving reporter Miss Kendra has sent me this monstrosity! It appears that now, Frankenstein-like, we can build our own TBDOA!!!

Thanks for taking away my sleep, Miss K.
Apocalypse-spotter Pope Terry alerted me to the following Portal to Hell, wherein not only do bears dress up, but they stuff themselves with legumes. What sickness drives the mind of such a bear?!?!?! here are just some of the horrors you will encounter at Beanie Kids:

Seriously, browse the site a bit. You know not what lurks in the deeps of the web, until you peer beneath its glossy surface. Gather together and nurture one another, my children. The end is nigh!!!