Say it Ain't So

In response to my recent attempts to bring the horror of TBDOA to the front of people's minds, I have received the following:

Bear as skunk.

umm ...

you know how I feel about bonnets!!!
(Thanks Word Nerd!)



Please, God. Make it stop.

The Snoot Hole Spotting

Had enough? No? All right then.

Even on this Sacred Day.

Brace yourselves for something so horrific that you will want to look away. Yet your eyes will remain riveted to the monitor even as you stuff yourself with day-old cookies and cry. Yes, my people. Even now, on this most sacred day (Digestion Day, also known as 50% Off Everything!!!! DAY), the horror that is TBDOA rears its demonic head.

Twirling Girl sent me these; she is an ever-watchful TBDOA spotter. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. Open your eyes!!!!

Hanukkah Bears

Oh, Tannenbear.



Not only are theses Kwanzaa TBDOA's evil,

they are ridiculous.

Shall I tell them that they are

promoting a made-up holiday?

Keep your eyes peeled and alert me to any TBDOA spottings in your area. Thank you.

I Have Discovered the Portal to Hell!

And it is here!

Here is just a small sampling of the evil minions who stand watch at the gates to the underworld. Visit the site and see. If you love
bears dressed as other animals, you will have died and gone to ... still hell.

bear as tortoise

an insult to this noble, ancient beast

bear as toucan

an insult to rainforest beauty

bear as peacock

an insult to show-offs everywhere

bear as ostrich

an insult to bears

bear as orca

an insult to this most intelligent species, and also to Willy

bear as cat

an insult.

bear as butterfly

not even insects are spared.

bear as our national symbol

this is an outrage!

bear as random fowl, maybe a turkey

look at that ridiculous beak

bear as beaver

an insult to all things pelted.

Words cannot express the horror that I feel at this moment.

The Devil's Minions in Chicago!

My quick-thinking Blogger friend Sleepy-G snapped this photo at the airport in Chicago:

Bears holding bears!

I will pause to allow you to scream.

Or do I scream alone?
Read all about the horror

I Cannot Bear the Horror.

The world continues to run amok with Bears Dressed as Other Animals. See the evidence!:

I think it's a mermaid and merman, or maybe just snorkelers?
Either way, creepy. Thanks, Twirling Girl!

Bear as Humpty Dumpty

Bear as Frog -- an old theme, replayed badly.

Please continue to keep your eyes open and send me any evidence of this Apocalyptic disease.

Bears & Ducks in Compromising Positions

This is wrong in so very many ways.
It is so very, very wrong.

Thank you, MadMeer, for your splendid Apocalypse-spotting skills. This impostor shall not be allowed to continue his evil work! We all know there is only one Monkey. Check out the bellybutton, too.
Even in the Unlikeliest of Places ...

We must keep watch, my dear ... keep watch. For when we falter, when we look away, *Teddy Bears Dressed as Other Animals emerge in droves!

From Damasta:

She says:
Here's a bear dressed up as a butterfly. With a stamp? For to mail.. him..?
I don't understand, but it's for babies. HUH?!


At the Post Office:

I think the merging of TBDOA and a favorite USA icon is especially evil. I also hate the little love-tuft on his chin. Ew!

From Quilting Girl:

She says I now see TBDOA wherever I go, and thanks a f---ing lot, Spinning Girl!

Open your eyes, people. They are everywhere. What is this madness?

Stung by TBDOA

I got a birthday gift from
Aughra, this Teddy bear Dressed as Scorpio:

See his many pincer-tipped leglets? Gaze upon his poison-tipped tail with its evil curl!!! Thank you, my dear, for unleashing such venomous cuteness upon me! I have very strong feelings about TBDOA as many of you know, and I always appreciate when horror comes right to my doorstep. Many thanks!!!
No Rest for the Vigilant

I have received many examples of Teddy Bears Dressed as Other Animals and related TBDOA-like phenomena in the past months. Thank you to all of the Watchers out there. Your vigilance will not go unpunished! Or unrewarded! Whatever! This is my first experience as a collector-of-signs-of-the-apocalypse, so I don't really know what I am doing. I do know that my inbox is getting rather crowded, so as I purge it, I will lay out the following for your perusal. Do you see why there is no rest for us? What is happening to humanity?!?!?!?

Not sure if this is a bear or what.
It's like a bear, but with beaver teeth and camel toes.
Whatever it is, it is a sign that
things are not right in the world.

Hello kitty dressed as panda,

holding panda-head purse

= unparalleled horror

Bears as heroic figures?!?

Bear as Cyrano de Bergerac.

Bear as Charlie Chaplin

Bears as assorted uniformed peoples.

Bears as Monkees

Bears dressed to the nines

Bear is duck's clothing;

I think we've covered this one.

Sad bears looking frivolous.

Child being consumed by a bear in a suit and tie,

and trying to force its way out through the trachea.

Bears going postal.

Bears exploiting our sense of patriotism.

For shame!

A dog in a bee costume, atop baby clothes.

Where should I begin with the list of all that is wrong here?!?


Bears lost in Oz.

Black bear disguised as a fashionable holiday hat.

This bear isn't disguised as anything,

he is just sad to be included.

Bear in giraffe suit, with giraffe-snout muzzle.

I had to include this one again,

in case you missed it the first time.