Bad things are happening at Goodwill.

Bears in the Navy...

Dismembered doll parts ... IN BAGS!

Angels without thumbs ...

Gigantic cookies ...

and, horror of horrors:
Rabbits with rabbits for feet.
Remember LAMBS FOR HANDS?!?!?!?

I'm humid with fear.

Jamwall and I spotted these beauties at a little place called Hell and Beyond. I think they moisten you ... while taunting your soul and making you feel like you are being consumed from the inside by nibbling worms!!!!


Tell the Others!!!

I made up these business cards to hang all over the Twin Cities. To spread the word ... before it is too late.
If you are here as a result of one of these cards, please provide photographic evidence of yourself holding/pointing to the card and I will send you a fabulous prize*!!!
*crap from my house, probably old and maybe a little dusty.

This is in Jamwall's CLOSET.