Wasabi with this?!?!?!

Look what I discovered -- Teddy Bears as Sushi!!!! This is so not OK!!! As you may recall, we have encountered some serious sushi abuse in the past.  But this is just beyond OK. Oh, and p.s.

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Bears Dressed as Beekeepers!!!

This is the best thing I have seen in a while.  It is a gift from DaMasta.  After Jamwall and I had been married a few years we started desiring to hear the pitter-patter of little feet and the buzz-buzz of little wings, so we got honeybees.  What better way to commemorate our new hobby than by dressing a bear in bee gear!?  

Et tu, Godiva? ET TU?!?!?!?

I'm a tad late posting this horror I spotted at the Godiva store in NYC (Grand Central) back when Jammie and I met for Spankfest 2008; but I can't wait a whole year to post it next Easter. You need to know NOW. Isn't it horrible?

Et tu, Tweety? ET TU?!?!?

thanks, Jamwall.

Betrayed! Et tu, new-found friend?!?!?!?!?

My new-to-TBDOA friend Marty sent me the following:

Only afterwards did she confess that she had bought TWO of them for her daughters! Ohhhh whyyyy, heavenly hosts, why?!?!

Et tu, The River 105.9 FM? Et TU?!?!?!?!?!

Gallery of Horrors, plus voting, here:

Et tu, Gepetto?!?!? Et TU?!?!?!?

Et tu, Björk?!?!? Et TU?!?!?!?

Et tu, Facebook?? ET TU?!?!?!?

Et tu, Starbucks??!? Et TU???

I'm not sure what Other Animal this Teddy Bear is dressed as, but it is just one of a whole coven living in a basket at Starbucks.  I think maybe a werewolf, but if a werewolf then unlike any I have encountered in my vast experience.  It is purple, with a purple mane like the cowlick of a ridgeback.  The costume has claw-hands from which the teddy's round paws emerge, defenseless.  All in all, a travesty and a horror.  My companion at Starbucks, seeing me taking this photo, said, "cute."
Please, just kill me already. Why must I beg?

Seriously. I can't even do a rant for this one. It just hurts too much!

Bears as Food.

Twirling Girl said to me, "I do not believe you have addressed the horrific phenomenon known as teddy bears dressed as/in/with food." Let us explore that, shall we?

More to come, my people.
Much, much more to come.
Sometimes, I just cry.

I don't believe in angels. Moreover, I don't believe angels should be humping musical instruments, no matter how good it feels. And teddy bear angels in harp-humping poses? That just tells me the end is coming. Now that I know what sort of being is behind it, harp-song is the last thing I think I want to hear when that fateful day falls upon us.

Please get it away from me.