TBDOA go weightless!!!

Ah yes.  I had the rare opportunity to fly in the Vomit Comet.  Zero G was amazing!!!  Here I am hanging light-as-a feather on a hold cable.  Floating at my side is Teddy Bear Dressed as M&M.

Honeymoon Jackpot #2: Teddy Bears Holding Other Animals

In addition to dressing up, I have noticed, many teddy bears are displayed holding some other animals. To wit:

TBH penguin

TBH seal

TBH unicorn

TBH bear
TBH owl

Honeymoon Jackpot #1: TBDOA and TBDOT (Teddy Bears Dressed as Other Things)

Jamwall & I were honeymooning in the Catskills when we discovered this little country store goldmine. Check it out!:

TBD as Candy

TBD as snowflake

TBD as Halloween cat

TBD as Halloween bat

Bears as food, revisited.