Year of the Rat

With the Year of the Rat coming to a close, I seized the opportunity to show the Starbucks collectors item -- a Barista Bear dressed as said rat. Next year is the Year of the Ox ... I am still hunitng for that keepsake.

A reminder

We've seen this monstrosity before, but Tits reminded us.
Thanks a LOT.

Roving reporter unearths new monstrosity!!!

Alert reader, sometime lurker and Roving TBDOA-Spotter Anatomy of Rye discovered the following in his/her travels:

Stuffed Animals with Human Faces

The rest can be seen here.

Thank you, AoR, for your vigilance and for your diligence in reporting this. ... Although I blame you for all my future nightmares.

My bridal gown

Jamwall and I are getting married sometime soon, and we were hoping to dress in TBDOA gear, as shown here. What do you think?

Horror ... on a shoestring

Jamwall and I went thrifting/TBDOA-spotting in separate cities throughout the summer, and documented our discovered abominations via long-distance text message. Here is a sampling:

More grads

Congratulations to all the summer school graduates. Now you are ready to venture into the real world, where you will be eaten.

TBDOA blowout / memory restoration / WTF

Here is a random assortment of TBDOA gift ideas, WTF-like items, and bric-a-brac from the world of TBDOA. Really just an attempt to delete some files and free up memory on my hard drive. Consider it an exorcism of sorts: