Build-your-own horror show

In Boston, I happened to pass by one of the
Portals of Hell, a little shop known as Build-a-Bear. Besides all the usual TBDOA to which I am (alarmingly!) growing desensitized, I found these beauties.

A husky dog, dressed as a donkey. I am having trouble imagining why this is needed. Is it one of those wolves-in-sheep-clothes scenarios, or some strange stuffed husky subculture of which I am was blissfully unaware?

Now here ... this is beyond the pale (I often use that phrase but didn't know exactly what it meant. Go educate yourself, as I did!). Dragons, for one, are not even real animals (sorry, Calzone). And then getting all gussied up in lobsterwear? Nay. Fie. Avast! And all the other nonsense words! I hurl them at you, ridiculous dragon-lobster hybrid.

I, of course, left a card.


jamwall said...

How does it taste with a little butter?

Pope Terry said...

dear god that is hideously scarey.... now I understand what you mean. One wonders what possible reason a dragon would have to dress a a lobster.

side note, my word verification almost spells inkygoat.... octapus in a goat costume anyone...

Melissa said...

::full body shudder::

The lobster/dragon scares me badly. It looks like a giant sea cockroach.