I'd start by nibbling the ears off.

I just had a major food party at my house (Clash of the Foodies) and I know for a fact that an entry like this would probably get kicked out of the competition, never mind getting any awards.

Seriously ... what is happening to our world?

On a side note, the page this recipe came form was in Spanish, so I had Google translate it for me.  the result is pure comedy.  Take a look:

Halloween ended, and according to the commercial stations of the year, Christmas comes. The ads, nougats, and carols. Formed adults and sing lyrics as deep as: fun, fun, fun, and rim, rim with impunity. And is that the lyrics of some carols are ...
For example, fish in the river. They drink and drink and drink again, fish in the river, to see God born ... The sure they had drunk was the invention of the letter:
- First, fish drink.
- Second, what these fish drink? because if they drink, and drink and drink again ... that mean they are alcoholics???
- Last but not least ... drink and drink and drink again .... to see God born!!
It is clear that drinking even suffer hallucinations. I will not teach my children this Christmas carol.
Go to the bell on bell ... bell on bell and a bell. Look out the window, see the child in the cradle ... (so good) Campana sobre campana, bell and two. Look out the window, see the child of God. (Okay) But it then says: bell on bell and bell three. Look out the window, see the Child be born. (Jolin, then who was the child who was in the crib at the first bell? Was a multiple birth?). And here is just Carol, scares me to think what rhymes with bell would have five.
And from: "I mended, I patched, I took a patch, I took it off?" Take that! Soul of a pitcher, if you're going to take, what do you start? Because if there is going to go, but going "pa nothin '... Jolin, which makes the letter" x xa xu Xu xu x "looks deep ... and rises to the poetry category of the" No place in New York / And York hams are "of Mecano.
And what about the poor San Jose, who is the sucker of all time ... First, the great role that he had to play. "No, the child is not mine. He is the Son of God. " And what an obsession with her panties in the carols! That if they eat mice, that if the thieves are ... Poor man, let him alone underwear, which is quite his own! Normal to be given to drink (like fish) and what to sing, "Tonight is Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, Mary gets the boot, I'm going to get drunk!" What a show, drunk and without panties! All caganets shocked ...
I leave you now with this idea for Christmas, or whenever you want. It is made ​​with homemade bread recipe and I showed that the milk bread decorated with cilantro . The best thing about making bread at home, it gives you a lot of play, since the possibilities are endless. In this case, I have prepared some bread for the kids. You can fill them with whatever you want. Come, to prepare!
Take this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday to a very special blogger sure we all know: Sonia L'Exquisit. Congratulations Sonia!
Finally we were in fourth place in the competition Journals. Thank you very much to all who have supported me with your votes and your messages. Thanks

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