Even in the Unlikeliest of Places ...

We must keep watch, my dear ... keep watch. For when we falter, when we look away, *Teddy Bears Dressed as Other Animals emerge in droves!

From Damasta:

She says:
Here's a bear dressed up as a butterfly. With a stamp? For to mail.. him..?
I don't understand, but it's for babies. HUH?!


At the Post Office:

I think the merging of TBDOA and a favorite USA icon is especially evil. I also hate the little love-tuft on his chin. Ew!

From Quilting Girl:

She says I now see TBDOA wherever I go, and thanks a f---ing lot, Spinning Girl!

Open your eyes, people. They are everywhere. What is this madness?

1 comment:

DaMasta said...

She gave the butterfly stamp bear to. her. baby.

(dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn)