I Have Discovered the Portal to Hell!

And it is here!

Here is just a small sampling of the evil minions who stand watch at the gates to the underworld. Visit the site and see. If you love
bears dressed as other animals, you will have died and gone to ... still hell.

bear as tortoise

an insult to this noble, ancient beast

bear as toucan

an insult to rainforest beauty

bear as peacock

an insult to show-offs everywhere

bear as ostrich

an insult to bears

bear as orca

an insult to this most intelligent species, and also to Willy

bear as cat

an insult.

bear as butterfly

not even insects are spared.

bear as our national symbol

this is an outrage!

bear as random fowl, maybe a turkey

look at that ridiculous beak

bear as beaver

an insult to all things pelted.

Words cannot express the horror that I feel at this moment.

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