Even on this Sacred Day.

Brace yourselves for something so horrific that you will want to look away. Yet your eyes will remain riveted to the monitor even as you stuff yourself with day-old cookies and cry. Yes, my people. Even now, on this most sacred day (Digestion Day, also known as 50% Off Everything!!!! DAY), the horror that is TBDOA rears its demonic head.

Twirling Girl sent me these; she is an ever-watchful TBDOA spotter. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. Open your eyes!!!!

Hanukkah Bears

Oh, Tannenbear.



Not only are theses Kwanzaa TBDOA's evil,

they are ridiculous.

Shall I tell them that they are

promoting a made-up holiday?

Keep your eyes peeled and alert me to any TBDOA spottings in your area. Thank you.

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