In the Icy Grip of Pure Terror

Evidence of the demise of civilization continues to pour in to Spinning Girl Central. Feast your eyes on this little tidbit, sent by friend and loyal reader Quilting Girl:

There simply are no words. All right, maybe a few words are needed. Scarier than Teddy Bears Dressed as Other Animals? Without a doubt! What is that thing on the right? A duck? Make sure you get one of these for your little baby girl if you want her to be really f***ed up and spend her entire inheritance on counseling.

Next we have what may be the most horrific TBDOA submission to date, from alert cellphone-photographer at large, DaMasta:

Yes. Two of life's greatest horrors, rolled into one horrific bundle. With shells for boobs, no less! The only thing that would make this one worse for me would be if it had a blowhole.

Finally, from jiggs, this swag item:

You just did this to piss me off, right pally? I was shopping at cafepress for my thong when I found this little dainty. Needless to say, that little bear is staying in the shop.

If you would like to do any research on TBDOA, please visit the Bears Dressed as Other Animals section of my sidebar. There you will discover various signs of the Apocalypse, and the recently-revealed Portal to Hell.

Keep those photos coming, folks! As you can see, TBDOA isn't just about Bears anymore.

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