Armageddon is Nigh!

On my recent trip to New York City, I spotted something rather disturbing in a shop window. Ever on the lookout for signs of the Apocalypse, I snapped a few quick photos to document the demise of all that is good and whole in this world. I speak, of course, of the
dressing of teddy bears as other animals. It seems, now, that the trend does not stop at teddy bears. Now, non-animals are subject to the same cruelty. Just what the f*** is a MonChhiChi?!?! It's not a hedgehog, not a monkey ... what the hell is it?!? Regardless of what it is, apparently it isn't enough just to be one; no ... it must also be dressed as a frog, a duck, or some other animal. What is happening to us? Don't stare for too long at the pictures. If you can, make a pinhole camera for viewing.

Directions for making pinhole camera.

Documented evidence of impending Apocalypse:

MCC being consumed by a frog (aka "The Miss Kendra")

MCC duckling, rabbit, puma.

Bears in winter gear at Eddie Bauer.

Not dressed fully in other animals' pelts, but still a fur-lined coat!

Still not good!

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