Bears of the Apocalypse

Ever since I revealed my sick fascination with Teddy Bears Dressed as Other Animals, my devout fans have searched the world for evidence of this decline of mankind, and filled my inbox with their photographic evidence. Here is some of the proof I have received:

DaMasta's cell phone camera:

bear as heart

Monkeys as ballerinas; a subset of TBDOA.

While not a sign of the Apocalypse per se, it is perhaps a sign

of something milder, such as

gastrointestinal angst to come.

Bears dressed in cute outfits holding cute animals.

That is just wrong!

And from Lee Ann:

Bear as teacher.

As if we would allow the sinister

brainwashing that would ensue!

Thank you both for your vigilance. Let's all keep our eyes open; the signs are there, you just have to look for them.

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