There is, in this small universe, a wormhole that leads to hell.

The Collector's Exchange is where all of the devil's minions hang out. Tread with care, my friend, for here is just a taste of the many horrors you will encounter:

Butterfly from Hell

Lamb of Doom

Isn't it terrible? Do you not fear? Do you, as I do, weep for all of mankind?

Oh, an aside ... a search on the Estonian word for bear (karu) produced this:

Possibly the only bear-in-costume that doesn't make me dry heave. In fact ... well, what does it say about me if on the one hand I fear for the immortal life of my soul, yet on the other hand I crave a tumble in the pit-o-balls with this most lovable karu? She is a human dressed as a bear, not a bear dressed as a human, so it is all right. Right? Right?? Damn straight it's all right. I wrote the recipe for this particular batch of crazy sauce, and if I say it's all right, it's all right. Now get in the ball-pit with us.

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